About MRSS

About MRSS

The People and the Organisation

Music Rights (Singapore) Public Limited, also known as MRSS, was incorporated on 18 July 2018 as a result of the merger between Recording Industry Music Services (RIMS) and Recording Industry Performance Singapore Pte Ltd (RIPS). As a Collective Management Organisation (CMO), it represents the majority of music producers in Singapore and administers the copyrights for both karaoke, music videos and sound recordings for commercial usage on their behalf.

Licence fees collected are distributed back to MRSS members after deduction of operation costs. In this way, the rights of copyright owners are safeguarded and fair business practice in the music industry upheld.

Unauthorised use of copyrighted materials is an infringement of the Singapore Copyright Act and an infringer is liable to civil proceedings or criminal prosecution, possibly both.

Unauthorised use of copyrighted materials is an infringement of the Singapore Copyright Act and an infringer is liable to civil proceedings or criminal prosecution, possibly both.

MRSS provides different licences for different commercial needs.

The Board Members
  • Mr Simon Nasser, Universal Music Pte Ltd (Board Chairman)
  • Mr Colin Goh, Ocean Butterflies Music Pte Ltd (Board Secretary)
  • Mr Shawn Paltiel, Sony Music Entertainment Singapore (Pte) Ltd (Board Treasurer)
  • Mr Gerald Ang, Warner Music Singapore Pte Ltd (Board Member)
  • Mr Ngiam Kwang Hwa, Rock Records (S) Pte Ltd (Board Member)
  • Mr Osman Ariffin, Life Records Industries (Pte) Ltd (Board Member)
MRSS Executive Team
  • Managing Director – Ms Nancy Seah
  • Licensing Manager – Mr Lawrence Ong
  • Corporate Senior Executive – Mr Felix Tan

“Technology has enabled the ease of music creation and consumption. As we embrace the changes in the industry, it is our mission to enforce a strong copyright and licensing process so that generations can continue to pursue music careers creatively and professionally.”

The Record Labels
  • Amusic Creative Team Pte Ltd
  • Banshee Empire Pte Ltd
  • Brocita Enterprise Pte Ltd
  • Cross Ratio Entertainment Pte Ltd
  • Digital Music Production Pte Ltd
  • Divo Digital Media Pte Ltd
  • EQ Music & Media Pte Ltd
  • Evolution Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Forward Music (S) Pte Ltd
  • Funkie Monkies Productions Pte Ltd
  • HIM International Music Pte Ltd
  • Hype Records Private Limited
  • KRU Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Life Record Industries (Pte) Ltd
  • Naga Guitar Studio Pte Ltd
  • Ocean Butterflies Music Pte Ltd
  • Rock Records (S) Pte Ltd
  • Sony Music Entertainment Singapore (Pte) Ltd
  • Suwah Records Pte Ltd
  • Universal Music Pte Ltd
  • Warner Music Singapore Pte Ltd
  • White Cloud Record Pte Ltd
  • Wise Entertainment Pte Ltd
Our Music Labels And More
Brocita Enterprise
logo-cross ratio
EQ Music
Revolution Music Group
Forward Music
Funkie Monkies Productions
KRU Singapore
Life Records
Ocean Butterfly
Rock Records
Universal Music

How to make a complaint
Any person or organisation that has dealings with MRSS can make a complaint.
If you have a complaint that MRSS conduct has fallen short of the standard of conduct required by the Code, for example, you are dissatisfied which you have been treated by a staff member or the availability of information about how licence fees are calculated or administered, please email us at feedback@mrss.com.sg.

Dealing with disputes

  • We will acknowledge receipt of a dispute within 3 business days;
  • We will respond to the dispute within 14 days of acknowledging receipt.
  • We will maintain a register of all disputes received and the response we have made, and the Complaints & Disputes Officer will have a copy of that register;
  • All responses will provide you with the opportunity to take the matter further;
  • You will have a further 21 days to make any comments on or respond to our response;
  • If you are not satisfied with the explanation that has been provided, you will have a further 14 days to request that the matter be referred to 3rd party mediation if both parties agreed.
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