StarHub KaraOK!

StarHub KaraOK!

24/7 Singalong fun for the family

Since 2000, MRSS has partnered with StarHub to provide the ‘StarHub KaraOK!’ service to many homes from the HubStation set-top box. Enjoy unlimited hours of karaoke fun for the whole family with KaraOK! Sing along to the latest karaoke songs 24/7 and choose from an extensive collection of English, Chinese, Malay and Cantonese evergreens and hits.

KaraOK! in the home
  • From oldies and evergreens to children’s songs and the latest hits

  • Vast selection of songs that is always kept up to date

  • Sing anytime you feel like, in the comfort of your home

  • Value-for-money at only $10.70 per month (price includes GST)

starhub karaok